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As a sculptor I am drawn to the beauty and symmetry of The Platonic Solids, of which there are five. The cube is associated with the earth. The Octahedron with air, the Tetrahedron with fire and the Icosahedron with water. Of the fifth Platonic solid, the Dodecahedron, Plato said “…the god used [it] for arranging the constellations on the whole heaven”. I will be exploring the properties of the last four in the future, for now the cube holds my fascination and attention.

My sculpture - “Deconstructed Cube Form I” was specifically created for the Time Space Existence exhibition in Palazzo Bembo. It explores both the relationship between the space in which it exists and the internal voids within the form itself, the connections between old and new, natural and manufactured. It is one of a series of four experimental works that can be seen at Palazzo Bembo based on deconstruction and suspension within a defined space.

With special thanks to my friends at Stageone Creative Services.


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